Bow Deck Rubbing on hull - slight detent created

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I was thinking of cutting out the small bench, building a battery tray with edges, and dropping it down to where it sits 1-2" from bottom so it does not bottom out on hull/ribs (see pic of small bench and battery box that would drop into hole that is cut out where a tray will house battery and battery box). Tray could be made of alum or wood. Battery box would probably stick out above bench top by about 6". The TM deck would cover all of this. A lid on TM deck would allow for battery access. This is just one thought.


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A drawing to go along with the pic would be great. I'm trying to imagine it based on your discussion. A drawing would help considerable. Ex., When you say a T, I think a T would go down middle of hull but that can't be as the battery is in middle.
It goes down the middle resting on the keel in the center under the battery, then splits into a t at the bulkhead you can see .
If you are thinking of removing the bench, how about instead cutting a rectangular opening in it the size of your batter box. Put supports under using the cut out piece for parts. You would have to make sure you had room under the new bow deck to lift the battery out. Just a thought.
Yes, I meant to say cut a hole on top of small bench and drop tray/battery box/battery down into hole. The battery would not sit completely under the bench as hull is not very deep at that point, especially the hull rising as it moves towards the bow . But maybe 80-90% of battery would drop down. Battery weight would be nearly as low as mounting to front deck but not as low as what RBW set up. Replacing battery would need to be address through top of TM deck. Connections to TM and a charger would be simple and clean as top of battery is easily accessible. Once I finish the bow deck project, I will focus on TM deck and battery placement.

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