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A Priest was scheduled to give Sunday Mass, he awoke to a gorgeous sunny day.
Being a golfer he wanted to play on this wind free beautiful morning, but knew by the time Mass was over it would be too late.
He called the senior priest and reported that he was sick and could not perform mass, and was excused.
Off to the golf course he went in disguise. First hole he hit an ACE, Second hole the ball veered into the trees but hit a limb and bounced back into the fairway. On and On it went nothing but birdies and eagles. 18th he hit the ball it went wildly to the left towards the water. A seagull flew into the ball and knocked it back, onto the green and into the cup it went. The lowest score the priest had ever shot. Up above Jesus turned to God and said. "Why did you help him so much after he lied about being sick?" God responded "Who is he going to tell"

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