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I beg to differ, Mr. Mixson. What he's applying is actually duct tape....that thin, metallic tape that is used to seal up heating duct seams. At best, (worst, actually), what he should be applying is real "racer's tape". The only problem with that is it's also called "200 MPH tape", and those things fly at 3-500 MPH.

That guy should be a baggage handler, not an aviation tech.

Roger....former U.S. Navy aviation tech.....where we didn't use tape.
Actually, that is speed tape. I have used it many times on commercial aircraft. If he used duct tape the FAA would revoke his A&P license. Commercial aircraft do not fly at 500 MPH airspeed. They fly closer to 300-350 MPH airspeed at altitude where the air is thinner. The ground speed will be much higher, and I have even seen ground speeds over 700 MPH with the airspeed still around 350 MPH depending on winds aloft.
Hesuchristo! At $1681.87 per roll, that's $9.34 per foot! That's insane for ANY tape. I would think it'd be more economical to fix it right instead of tape it.

No wonder I've never heard of it.....Roger
Same for a boat, years back, looking for a drain plug, there was one in the hardware for 3.99 , then moving to sports dept, the same mfgr, same plug but in a package for " marine" use, that plug was 9.99....…makes you wonder how many don't realize this ??

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