Here’s a fixer upper for you guys that need a project

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Still Afloat

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Feb 3, 2023
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Mead Washington
I’m almost interested but, it’s four hours away when the Snoqualmie Pass is good and there are blizzard conditions in the forecast. Too far to drive to check it out. Plus, I most certainly do not need another project or have a place for another boat right now.


Anyway it looks like it could be an interesting beater. (This is not my boat and I have no interest or benefit from it’s sale.)
Even on a nice day that's a drive to the valley. Plus that is a lot of dough.
You never know... I've bought a bunch of them that look like that. Sometimes, you powerwash them, and it's transformed. The motor running well is the big sticking point. If the motor runs well, $2k is not unreasonable. He could sell the motor alone for $2,500 around here and get it easily.

But if everything is in disrepair, as it looks, you would have to make an offer based on actual condition. 8 hours is a long round-trip just to look, unless you really like the hull and motor.

Could be gold! Could be garbage. Worth your day to find out? Only you can say.
Everything used is a hot mess these days!! I would go 1500 on that setup as long as it has a title for the trailer and registration or title for boat .. And is under 2 hrs away from me .. im in northeast PA