Mirrocraft seat modification


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Aug 24, 2023
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Vernonia, Oregon
Vernonia Oregon
Hi guys, I've gotten everything basically running for crabbing and fishing the bays. The only downside is the middle bench seat makes it a pain with the pots.
I'm running a 1978 Mirrocraft 14' with a 25 hp. Is there anything that can or needs to be done to remove the center bench? There's already a plywood floor mounted through the majority of the length.
The consensus of knowledgeable folks on these boards is removing the center bench on boats like that creates a dangerous situation where the boat could fold up on itself. If removed, some kind of bracing needs to be added back. One popular approach is to split the bench so the center is a walk thru. My previous boat had that feature. It makes a huge difference moving around.

Some cut a section out of the existing bench then brace the remaining parts to the floor. That might work well if the bench is already boxed in. Others might remove the bench and replace with a couple of boxes on either side.

Here is a pic showing the concept.

Thanks. I'm just getting annoyed fighting crab traps on and around the seats. There's never more than two of us in the boat, but that means six traps. I've thought about building a platform up front, but worry about stability.
Sounds like time for a bigger boat.