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Oddly enough I've found those same lack of ice fishing rules in Kentucky, where I spend half my time.
On the other hand, I can't jug fish in Wisconsin at all, but I'm allowed 50 in Kentucky.

The last time I ice fished was as a teen, in my part of NJ we didn't know there were laws about fresh water fishing and we'd find a lake in the meadows a few mile walk from our city. We'd take everything we could carry, lines, hooks lures, and a few long screw drivers and a length of rebar to make the holes.

We'd run lines from hole to hole about 10' apart with hooks every foot or so, we'd jig, and anything else we thought would catch us fish. A few times we got lucky, would light a camp fire and cook them right there.

Looking back no0w at us city boys acting like we were Huck Finn, good times, good times! Thanks for bringing back those great memories.
Ontario we are allowed 2 hole per license. We use a Tip Up and a Jigging rod, 2 Tip Ups, Willow Branch and a Spool of line (bigger than the hole)
You are getting some good answers on here, go on Iceshanty which is a dedicated ice fishing site and there will be tons of info. on there including ice fishing Maine.
Tip ups serve a purpose, but electronics and jigging will put plenty of fish on the ice, the one thing most guys say they wouldn't do without is a fish finder of some type.

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