1970's Lund Paint Codes & Marine Plywood


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Aug 20, 2015
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I have a side steer 15' Lund and it is in desperate need of paint both inside and out, and it needs new plywood seats. Does anyone have the Lund Mist Green paint code? Also where can I get the Vinyl Embossed Marine Plywood that Lund used? Thanks!
I got the name "vinyl embossed marine plywood" out of the 1975 brochure on the Lund website. Where can I get the MDO?
hardly any good hardware stores carry the "true MDO" anymore.
A lot of sign makers use it. But, with new plastic and aluminum
composites coming out every week, even the MDO is going to the wayside.
Check your local sign shop (not a vinyl sticker shop) but a real sign shop.
They always have a corner full of cut-offs and old signs ....
See if you can buy some old painted 1/2" or 3/4" MDO signs and re-purpose them.

Plywood = will show the grain pattern, it is actual wood veneer both sides.
MDO = is plywood with an exterior grade glue with heavy duty craft paper
glued to each side. Medium Density Overlay. Very smooth. Furniture and
Sign grade and extremely weather proof IF you prepare the edges properly.

NOT TO BE CONFUSED with MDF - which is Medium Density FIBERBOARD
that will swell up and fall apart when it gets wet.
I found MDO 3/4 at Menards it's 59.99 for a 4x8 sheet. Now that I found that it has been impossible to find the green mist paint code. I called Lund, and they had no interest in helping me. There has to be someone out there that has the code, or knows where I can buy a can. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Can you post a photo of your boat and what you are trying to paint ??

Almost all good paint stores nowadays have a computer
to match any color you bring into them. It only takes a 1/4" square of color to sample.
if you can find something removable, even a bolt or washer,
that you can take to them, they can match it.
I am going to ACE Hardware this afternoon with that same issue. I need ext. oil paint.
It is an old Benjamin Moore light teal green color that is no longer made.
I have their color swatch book that is from the early '80s and is extinct.
Sort of like the original '57 Chevy light turquoise color.
Can you pull your boat to a paint store? maybe they will allow you to take their
color book to the parking lot to match your paint. (when worse comes to worse).
Last option would be to repaint your whole boat - then - you will have no problems
in the future with finding the correct paint.
good luck.
BM Paint.jpg

oh, and as for the MDO, the flat surfaces are just about bullet proof and impervious
to water. it is the edges that will allow water to wick into the board. So it is of the
utmost importance to seal the edges and all the holes you put in it the best you can.

My good friend, Butch Anton, wrote this article a long time ago - but the information is still current.
The procedures will be the same for boat bench seats or a transom.......


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