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Nov 29, 2006
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Shrewsbury, MA
MN Fisher's 1972 Alumacraft F-9 Lake Master project
Murphy67's 14ft Alumacraft Semi-V
Murphy67's Alumacraft Classic Deluxe project
wmrmurphy's 1991 16' Lund Rebel Special
Thomadgs's S-14 Build - "Jenny III"
Sho's Lund wc14 conversion
perchjerkers 14ft Meyers V Hull project
Hanr3's 1997 Sylvan 16' Back Troller Select complete remodel
Schukster 1976 Lund 14 project
Colorado1135's '73 Lund 14' boat project
mgros483 "Old Gold" - 1958 Alumacraft Deep C project
Pletzy's 1991 Sylvan Sea Snapper V-Bottom Mod
rscottp’s 1996 16’ Lund Laker Project
Kansas Flatheads 14’ Ridgeline & Trailer project
SCARNG2011's 1970 Cherokee V-Hull project
LMBDaves 14' Valco deep v conversion
jordanporritts 15ft Smokercraft Alaskan Conversion
HOUSE's 16' Tracker Sweet-16 MOD
Juantons 1982 Sea Nymph project
damboo0708 12' mod-v bluefin project
wwcenturions 15' V-Hull Project
Shipwreckstews, 1979 Starcraft CC restoration
jvanhees 70's Sea Nymph Project
CLM's 16' Lowe V Conversion
Markc's 14' Starcraft Seafarer build
Thewalleyhunters 1988 Mirrorcraft Deep Fisherman Mod
Toy Boats 14' Smokercraft Alaskan project
Walleye Joes 14ft Alumacraft project
DobsonFlys 14' Mirrorcraft Deep Fisherman Restore
Driftingrzs '89 GameFisher 14'V Mod
Flymills Sean Nymph Depp Vee Project
Klaypigeons 89 Smokercraft 16 project
Scott Macs Q-14 (semi V) AeroCraft Project
Gator5220s 15' V Boat conversion
Simbelles 12' V Hull project
Baltimus '72 Starcraft 14 ft project
offdutyangler's 1968 14ft Alumacraft project
rickybobbybend's Gregor 1244 welded V project
knezzers 1966 Starcraft Sea Dart -budget resto/mod
Alans Alumacraft 14 ft. Semi-V modification
Toyboats "1959" 15ft Lone Star Newport Restomod.
Mizzie's 10' semi-v Gamerfisher project
Kit's 1970 Lund C-14 Fisherman mod
Vermonster's 1972 RichLine Sportsman 14' V
TheMaestro's Sylvan 14 SeabreezeRobb's 1974 14' MonArk Shallow-V Project
sixgun86's 1965 FeatherCraft Lapstrake Ski Boat
Salty Dawg's 1956 15' alumacraft conversion to a flats boat
VT-Bass13's 16 Ft Sears Project
ChrisPs 1972 "Heinz 57" 13 foot Semi V Project
maddogs 14' alumacraft project
Dman23s Alumacraft 14 ft project
Frogman Ladue's 1960 Crestliner Sportman's 12' Shallow-V Re-Mod
Backwater's 64' Starcraft 12 foot project
Johny25's 2001 Lowe 1467t Modifications
JamesM56alums 1956 14ft model F alumacraft project
fool4fish1226's 1990 1661 Mirocraft project
NextTopBassFisherman's 14ft Richline Semi-V modification
kfa4303's '59 Arkansas Traveler project
goblin79's 14ft Starcraft Project
TOY BOAT's 1965 Arkansas semi v project
Zubes' 14 ft Alumacraft shallow V project
LonLB's Sea Nypmh 17' Deep V project
JFDBasser's 16' Alumacraft Model K build
MDFishermen 16' 1985 Bass Tracker V16 Mod
LMBDave's 13.5' Gregor V hull conversion
LMBDave's 15' Aluminum Meyer V Hull Conversion
Recons Duracraft 14' remodel
Massfishermans 16' Starcraft V-Hull Project
Mainefishings 14' semi V Conversion
bbarbees 1966 14' Foremost build
summers 14' deep V build
walleyeguy23's 1978 14' Lund Custom
superflybass's 1982 Lund Mr. Pike Overhaul
Rick James 12' Sears project
atuck593's 14' Starcraft Seafarer Build
Bacarats 16' Valco Conversion
Blugrassers 16' SmokerCraft V-hull project
EasternEasy's 1967 12' Harbercraft project
House's 14' Crestliner V-hulll MOD
Topguns 1954 1452 Alumacraft project
SkagBass's 14' Starcraft project
jcabarrusjrs 14.5 foot Sears Roebuck V
WantABigBass's 73 Sears 14' Shallow v project
Sgt. Stiglitz's 1960'ish Sea King project
GO_DAWGS_73's 14' Starcraft project
Benjineer's Lund S-16 Mod
MrHitman007's 1988 Sea Nymph Modification
millertime4242's 1963 V Conversion
bigjo911's 12 ft Grumman v hull mod
Perchins 14' Semi V sea nymph project
DevilMutts 1981 16’ Starcraft Seafarer project
StrasBuff's 14' Valco project
bassnbrians 16' V hull project
alanbird_87's 15' V mod
TroutMan3000's 1240 V Jon boat
Sturdi87's 14' V 40hp & 7.5hp Project
PhilM's 14' Aroliner conversion
Stew6371's 1968 14ft Richline semi v conversion
danmyersmns '88 16ft V mod. muskiecraft
CBGale2's Sea King Chronicles
Dyin2fish 1951 14' Starcraft Semi-V Conversion
Ober51's 14' Shallow V mod
grizzly's 12' smokercraft mod
Hanr3's 1967 14' Alumacraft Shallow V and Trailer remodel
Natetracks 76 Mirrocraft 16' Deep V
Ky_Madmans 73 Starcraft 14' V-Hull
bAckpAins 14' deep v sea nymph by lowe
GatorToms 1968 16' Starcraft
snowboardinmns v-boat mod
sackmans v-bottom build
allenweeks 14ft starcraft conversion
alumacraftjoes 14ft alumacraft mod
Ron42261s 1976 Richline 14ft conversion
WTLs 14 ft Starcraft Mod
bobessarys 1950's lonestar conversion
gvguwecs 12ft V-hull project
justfish'ins 16' SmokerCraft V-Bottom project
Codeman's 14' Lonestar V Conversion
Henry Hefners Sears 14' Semi V project

Jon boats:
Tyler McGinnis's 1982 Duracraft SuperStar 16 project
Blkrvrbart's 1981 Bass Tracker project
YouTube - Nate Eckhold's 1648 Jon Boat to Bass Boat: Part 1
YouTube - Nate Eckhold's 1648 Jon Boat to Bass Boat: Part 2
YouTube - Nate Eckhold's 1648 Jon Boat to Bass Boat: Part 3
YouTube - Nate Eckhold's 1648 Jon Boat to Bass Boat: Part 4
treeratsniper's Old Alumacraft 1236 backwater runner modification
rcaircraftnut's 87 Bass Tracker MV 16 rebuild and upgrade.
kquinton's Monark 1448 project
Bassmoore's Tracker Grizzly 1648 conversion video
Greenlightening's 1976 Polar Kraft Jon Mod
bamabills Lowe 1648MV makeover
DrNip's Weld-Craft 1248 project
Will15120’s 1648 loweline project
DrainBamage’s 74 MirrorcraftF-3616 build
grummanprojects 1989 Grumman Renegade project
Smackdady’s “pole dancer” 1652 Polar Kraft project
Huntinfool's 1860 Tracker project
dlmallorys 1995 Grumman 1648 Jon project
Alaskanhawgs 1993 Big Jon Lowe Conversion
Edrow's 2006 Tracker Grizzly 1448
Mojo's 1995 Sea Nymph 1648
dawgfish66s 1751 Polar Kraft reservoir boat
Dockside85s Delhi 1430 Build
LMBDaves 1432 Sears Jon simple conversion
PanFrieds 1977 Lowe Line 1636 project
catmansteve's 1648 Grizzly jet build
meonline06's 1997 Landau 1648 jon modification
Country Dave's 1752 Modification project
BYOB's 83' Bass Tracker Revival!
Yareelohims Lowe 1648M Jon Rebuild
Ryno's 18' Polarcraft build
Hoosier78s 1648 Monark project
chevyrulz 1994 14' Alumacraft project
bhumertsons Tracker Topper 14 project
mcaswells '96 16ft alumcraft mod
Jmichaels 1977 Fisher 1538 project
Painlesstoms 1236 JetJon Conversion
Redslayer8585s 1432 monark flats boat project
jmcaswell's '96 16ft alumacraft project
IDAHOAUGER's New Lowe L1436 Conversion
jsoif21's Lowe 1436 mod
CaseyP's 14' Tracker Topper Jon boat project
Jonboat2Bassboat's 1998 Polar Kraft 16' modified V Jon boat to a bass boat
mcateercustom's 1989 Bass Tracker rebuild
gwenning's Alumacraft 1648 NCS mod
Leelatts Tracker 1542 project
BigTerps Tracker Sportsman 16' project
BLKLAB's 1984 Fisher Marine Netter 16' Deluxe
Kruser's 1986 Traveler project
kofkorn's '89 Tracker Pro 17 project
Spyguy23's Alumacraft 1436 project
Franner11's Tracker 1542 Mod
bguys's 16' monark makeover
samzerelli's 1649 flat bottom overhaul
Flips jon boat project
d3vino's 2002 Lowe 1436L modification
Novicaine's 1997 Tracker 185 Pro Jet (MV1850) rebuild
Kochys 1987 Bass Tracker MV-16 Remodel
BigDougA's 1232 Appleby jon boat project
morecoffee's 2011 tracker 1032 project
FuzzyGrub's 1995 DMI 1648 Mod-V Jon Boat Mod
Jay415's Alumacraft MV1648 Project
Brine's Rhyan Craft Project
KevinWI's 1648 Semi-V Jon Project
RedneckCatters 14ft 1970 Appleby Mod
jonmac3569's 1975 Fisher Marine Bateau 1438 Mod
JBooths 1970 Duracraft project
jonmac3569s 1975 Fisher Marine Bateau 1438 Mod
PSG-1's 1997 DuraCraft 1648 SV Aluma-Jet project
JonBoat Jerry's 20' Lowe Olympic Jon Boat project
super_dorks Alumacraft 1232 Jon Boat (Miss Peach)
mmf's 1990 Tracker TX-17 Alum Build
Baitcasters Tracker Topper 15 "Livin Large"
pwshepard's 12' Monarch jon boat project
hooperj14's Starcraft 1436 remodel
LFTDJEEP426's 1648 Landau Duck Boat "The Dirty Oar"
Daniel My Brother's 2003 G3 1436 project
Sparky's Alumacraft 1448 Mod V Conversion Project
ryan20021982's 1966 Polarkraft 14' mod
rmzachar's Lowe 1436 + Trailer rebuild
taterosu's 1232 Delhi jon boat mod
Express's 1981 Monark 1464 jon boat mod
Bassboy1's 1648 G3 mod
back4more's 2011 Alumacraft 1232 mod
back4more's 2008 Lowe 1436L project
Reed's 1542 Alumacraft Swamp Sled project
jojos 1648 Crestliner MV Mod
brholth8s 16'Jon boat mod
Bassblasters 1981 Lowe 1436 "Slab Assasin" mod
Cactusjacks 14' tracker mod
ohiolunkers 12' sears project
Tadpoles 1960 14' Jon project
lbursells 1652 Monark project
Sum-kinas 1436 flat bottom project
Ictalurus's 1973 PolarKraft 1440 MV project
Trinitys 1983 14' MonArk project
tbone07603's Alumacraft 1442 project
gmiller's 12' Jon project
ericzerka24's modded jon boat
tfizzle172's 16' Ouachita mod
BassBoy1's Alumacraft 1648 Mod
Flat Bottoms 21 ft flat bottom project
redneckfishers 10ft jon boat mod
Meanmouth's 16' flat bottom jon
Hooky1420s 2010 Track 1436 Build
azslabbers 1448 Flat Bottom Project
Rodeohard's Sears Game Fisher 1232 Mod
trevormlb's Landau 1256 Casting Deck Mod
Bassboy1's G3 1652 Mod
BassHunter25's Tracker Sportsman 1648 mod
Home Grown Bassers 16 foot fisher Conversion
Froggy's 1237 Grumman Jon Mod
Robr3004's Tracker 1436 Mod
rtg's 14 foot Monark project
YankeeFan100s 12 foot ouachita build
CHILLWILLATXs 1971 Duracraft Mod
Cali27's 1436 Tracker Mod
270Hansiman's 1649 Custom Flat project
wolfmjc's 1652 semi V weldcraft build!
Lawdog's 1648 Alumacraft Duck mod
Perchin's 14' Meyers jon mod
Cavman138's PolarKraft 16 Mod
Dyeguy's 1648 Mod
Caveman's Lowe L1648M modification
dixie_boysles 1985 PolarKraft Build
Nussy's 1980 16' Sea Nymph Traveler Rebirth
jonboatjerrys Lowe 1436 Jon Boat Conversion Project
weaselbob74's Sears Gamefisher 1436 mod
Jarheads 16 foot Yazoo build
Nussys 15' Mirrocraft Modified V John Boat Conversion
Bobberboys Lowe 1236 modifications
Kurt Loups Duracraft mod
WhiteMoose's 1436 Build
huntinfools Lowe 1032 to 1050 mod
Rat's 1977 Polar Kraft 1440 refit
RBuffordTJs 12' Aluminum Landau 1256f build
Cyberflexxs 1988 Alumacraft 1457
dyeguy1212's 1432 mod
Ranchero50's Alumacraft MV1448 Seadoo IB jet conversion
Ober51's 16' Monark Jon mod
DiverDog357's Tracker 1436 Build
Baptistpreach's 1436 Monark mod
bcritch's jon boat conversion
Tornados 1973 Eldocraft 1436
FishingBuds "1973" 1436 custom jon
BLK fishers jon conversion
Ouachitas 1971 16' Ouachita Jon Boat
Tyler_Ws 1974 Fisher 1432 jon boat mod.
Firefighterfrees 1976 Fisher Marine Jon boat mod
tholdah's 3 man jon boat conversion
zoeconnors jon boat mod This is a must see...words cant explain :mrgreen:
Seaarcs MV1448 Sea Arc conversion
PBWs 1987 Gruman 1438 build
vanmchughs Tracker Grzzley 1654 Mod
jaxjonboaters jon boat project
asinzs 1448 jon boat mod
steelCURTains 14ft Sean Nymph Mod
Santanders jon boat conversion
cobrastrikes 1436 jon project
murtsub9s Monark Bassjon project
Toulles 1432 jon mod
Hass's LOWE 1436L completed mod
Brewfish's 1977 Ouachita conversion
Bassboy1's 1981 Yazoo 1542 conversion
Bassboy1's G3 1436 mod
12ftmodders 2008 Lowe 1236 Jon modification
acamp08's 14ft gamefisher modification
jirwin6985's Tracker 1436 jon boat mod
Russ010's 1236 Alumacraft makeover
Russ010's Xpress 1546D
Nick Jones 14' Monark Jon Mod

Plastic Boats (crawdad types):
J.'s Crawdad - XT project
Fishin'Fools Pelican Bass Raider 10E Deluxe mod
ddupre's Crawdad modification
NicDicarlos crawdad build

Glass Boats:
LMBDaves 12' Fiberglass Olympian tri hull Conversion
LMBDaves 12' fiberglass Columbian tri hull Conversion
LMBDaves 11' Fiberglass tri hull Olympian Conversion
LMBDave's 1970's 16' Performer project
Trcothorn's 1981 glasstream project
krrthree's 13' Glass Mod
LMBDaves's 12' Fiberglass Tri-hull Columbian Conversion
LMBDave's Livingston Conversion
Mojo's Fiberglass V hull Project
Stone4140's Fiberglass boat mod
Snowboardinmn's Lund Glass build
AndrewR's 1979 Lund Guide Series 315 build
Crappiedentists Bumble Bee project

Then a section with innovative or different stuff (Like Old Bills Safety Ladder):
Build useful sawhorses by Dave
Specknreds Homemade Jack Plate
MikeA57's 1956 Holsclaw trailer mod
Waterwings Carpet pictures 2008 Lowe Roughneck 1652VT
G3_Guys BlueWater LED Light modification
Old Bills Emergency Boarding Ladder
Old Bills Trot and Jug line holder
Old Bills Fish Net Holder
Old Bills Motor Shift Lever Extension
Old Bills Fish Finder without holes modification
Wacos primer and paint article
Livewell builders guide
Flounderhead59s Boat trailer mod

Boat Benches - What should I do? - List compiled by danmyersmn. Thanks! :beer:

1951 14' Starcraft Semi-V Conversion - Dyin2Fish

'67 14' Alumacraft Shallow V and trailer remodel - Hanr3

Deep V Mirrocraft - natetrack

14ft alumacraft mod - alumacraftjoe

14' Aluminum V-Hull - bucketmouth

14' mirrorcraft - crappie_slayer

12 Foot John - Bufford

1432 mod - dyeguy1212

MV1448 Sea Arch - Seaarcs

Tracker Grizzlye 1654 Mod - vanmchugh

1448 mod - asinz

1432 - Toulles

1977 Ouachita - brewfish

Alumacraft 1236 - Russ010

How Much Foam Do I Need?
Jon Boat: ... a487e6.pbw
Jim said:
Waterwings said:
Cool! 8) . Seeing as how mine came floored, what about a sub-menu/section for stuff like carpeting :)

I think it can go under jon mod right? Why not? Or under the other section?

Now you've got me wondering, lol. I guess carpet could go in the Other/Accessories catagory.
1974 Fisher 1432
20' G3 HP200

Interior LED Light Mod.
Here is my stuff: :roll: :roll:

Different Stuff.....

Boarding Ladder

Trot & Jug line holder

Fish Net holder

Outboard Motor shift lever extension

Installing a fish finder without drilling holes

I believe that is all........ =D> =D>
Old Bill said:
Here is my stuff: :roll: :roll:

Different Stuff.....

Boarding Ladder

Trot & Jug line holder

Fish Net holder

Outboard Motor shift lever extension

Installing a fish finder without drilling holes

I believe that is all........ =D> =D>

Great ideas thumbs up
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