How many of you like night fishing?

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We live right on the lake here and we exclusively fish walleyes at night when they move up into the shallow weed edges to feed. Usually a very enjoyable time for us - all the jet skis and powerboats are gone off the lake, on 4,000 acres of water there might be only us and one or two other boats on the lake. Wife and I have been doing it for 30+ years, we have our boat equipped with red LED deck lighting, sometimes if we end up 15 or 20 miles from our dock at midnight to 1:00 in the morning and get caught in fog, we'll spend the entire night on the lake and come in in the morning.

Very peaceful, many times we don't care if we catch any walleyes or not, if it's a clear night it's incredibly beautiful out there on the water at night.
Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma is not very crowded at all. Some areas of the lake you can fish all day and never see a boat. Of course there are areas that the speed boats and party boats hang out but they usually stay in the open water areas. Night fishing other than the campground areas is wide open. Back in the eighties the lake had more traffic. Nowadays not so much. Gas prices and the lack of facilities around the lake is a factor.
On Bull Shoals and Norfork reservoirs here in north central Arkansas, most of our fishing is at night anchored near fish structure with green lights over the side to attract shad. We are allowed to use up to a 6x6 foot section of 1" or less gill net to catch the shad for bait. Never know what will visit the lights.
You, my friend, must have never gone, or at least not when it was good!

I have a place, where you catch nothing in the daytime, but at night, all the stripers are over 30" long, many over 40".

But even on the local lake, a submersible green light brings this:

The problem is not catching, it's keeping the smaller ones from grabbing your bait first.

Where is that at?
The kids have been bugging me all summer to do a night trip, so we did a short one, until about 11:30 PM. Turned on the lights, and threw the net, and started catching almost immediately, but it was hit and miss. We would catch 2-3 in a row, then wait 20 mins, then catch 2-3 quickly, then wait.

Tired of all the waiting after awhile, but ended up with a decent stringer, a few nice crappie and some catfish, which they love to eat.
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Dock hopping and rock hopping around the harbors and marinas in Los Angeles is how I keep my sanity.
Looking forward to the day that I can launch at sunset and fish all night. We have a state run campground that has two boat launch areas along with a really nice tent area that is dirt cheap to stay at. I get the senior and military discount so it works out to about $5.00 dollars a day. The campground is about 4 miles from the house so that makes it even better. Deep fork river and lots of good size creeks empty into the lake in this area.
I’m going this weekend for the first time. Studying the lake map and making a plan. This will be the maiden voyage of my old 1983 , 16/52 I finally got ready for the water. Taking it to a small lake near me Saturday to check everything out. Fine tune the Garmin etc. Then depending when my son is able we’ll be heading to my favorite lake about ab hour from here. Saturday night or Sunday night.
Labor day weekend?
I’m figuring that the boat traffic won’t be bad after dark and its illegal to operate a jet ski (jet fleas) when the sun go down. My son works 6 days a week 12-14 hour days. He’s got the weekend off so we decided to go. I don’t care to go solo on my first night trip. My wife doesn’t like me going myself during the day. I had to promise her I’d have a life jacket on 100%. I used to only wear it when I was running the big motor and leave it sitting there with the lanyard still attached while I fished. But I’m not as young as I was. Only 57. It’s a good idea to where. I’m getting an inflatable for comfort. Plus I want to set a good example for my grandkids.

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